Greta Grendaite

Greta Grendaite – Kaunas (Lithuania), 1980


War Tactics (24, 26, 27), 2011

intaglio print on paper, 15 x 22 cm

received 25.05.12

War Tactics 26 by Greta GrendaiteWar Tactics 24 by Greta GrendaiteWar Tactics 27 by Greta Grendaite

War strategies play a role in our everyday lives. It is the pursuit of domination, the way to bend the world to your will. The rules shaping civilization are tactical in their nature. What we do as citizens supports or opposes the large-scale games of social, political, economic, religious power. Starting in childhood, war tactics permeate the games we play.
A question comes back with exhausting repetition: Is the struggle to defend peace still a struggle or not? Do we need an enemy to define ourselves, just as much as we need it to be invisible? Isn’t this building and breaking the walls, again and again, inside and around ourselves, hiding and fighting with some ghost or a phantom of the Great Other (Term borrowed from the book Radical Alterity (2007) by Jean Baudrillard & Marc Guillaume) ?.. The walls are breakable but not the holes in them that we, should admit, also use in a voyeuristic way perceiving the surrounding world.

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