ultranature (Bruno Baltzer / Leonora Bisagno) – created in december 2010

ultranature 11_documentation of a promenade


received 03.06.13

Work realized in collaboration with Tania Walish, biologist at the Natur Musée of Luxembourg. The exploration of walls as biological systems has been analysed as a different way to face the concept of walls both social and geographical ones. Perception and observation are philosophically expressed as possibilities to deconstruct barriers. The work is a guided walk along the walls of Luxembourg. A wall is, first of all, a concrete, physical element. A wall is a living place, the ideal topos for many plants and animals species. Walls’ vegetation surprisingly crosses borders, different climates and knows an uncommon form of natural adaptation. immigration has fully contributed to the redesign of urban topography and vegetation. Natural adaptation is a valid method for resistance and expression.

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