Andrew Smaldone

Andrew Smaldone – Denver, Colorado 1978

artist, Florence

One Thing Against Another Creates, 2012

digital photograph , 10x18cm

received 03.06.13


In the summer of 2012 Pietro Gaglianò  put together an exhibition titled “News From Nowhere”, which took place at SRISA Project Space in Florence.  A young artist in this show created a sculpture using a pedestal, but he left the pedestal in the space when the exhibition ended. I used this same pedestal left behind by this artist to create the work “One Thing Against Another Creates”.  My aim with this work is to explore the ephemeral nature of the art object.  In addition to this theme, I am happy to have appropriated an art object left behind by another artist.  In this way we become co-creators, and the end of one exhibition marks the beginning of another work of art.

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